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[crit and plot go here]

Obligatory, "got something to say?" post. Contact info is here.

List of notable entries and such on Wataru's journal.


Permissions Meme


[scene: it's been revealed that Wataru's girlfriend, Mio, is engaged to someone else. he is making a cake to celebrate his first lost love, which he views as a step to adulthood. "a man needs to experience a broken heart."]

Kivat: [tries to comfort Wataru]
Wataru: No ... (spoilers) is a good match for her.
Shizuka: That's right! It's done, so let's forget it. I'm sure an even better person will appear. Perhaps she's surprisingly nearby. [she points to herself]
Wataru: ...eh? Like Kivat?
Shizuka: ---eehhhhh?1?!
Kivat: Oh no. [falls over]

WHAT THE FUCK WATARU??? I KNEW YOU WERE GAY BUT COME ON. Stick to your own species, either of them. Geez.

Pre-camp Thread: Meeting Daddy

[there is a young man moving somewhat clumsily through the woods, quite lost]

Hello? Is anyone out here?

[sob sob his life is pain]


I will do a formal pimping post later. BUT FOR NOW.

If you app from Kiva, you too can have a fabulously repetitive username. WE HAVE COME UP WITH USERNAMES FOR EVERYONE. Best whoring ever, y/n? They're all either sound effects or adjectives that are apt for the characters.

Wataru: bakubakubaku
Otoya: bakibakibaki

Kivat: kabukabukabu
Ramon: baabaabaashaa (a splashing)
Kengo: purupurupuru (a shaking) // shakeshakeshake?
Megumi: baribaribari (a crunching) // pakupakupaku (a gobbling)
Yuri: shurushurushuru (a snaking or slashing)
Shizuka: okaaokaaokaasan (...it's shizuka)
Mio: osoruosoruosoru (meaning timidly)
Tatsulot: pyunpyunpyun (...it's tatsulot)

Riki: doggdoggdogga (a crashing)
Nago: pachipachipachi (a popping or tearing as in his BUTTONS)
Jiroh: garugarugarulu (a howling)
Maya: ??? (needs moar canon)

But Pell, you say, I don't understand the associations you're making.


Direct Downloads (megaupload and sendspace)
Torrent Links (tv-nihon's bittorrent site)


There are also free icons for all.


The End

Permissions Meme

Kiva - Kurenai Wataru

Age: 20ish. His age hasn't been canonly revealed.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown and shaggy, always in his face.

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Yes! Wataru was made for crack. And possession; it happens twice in the series, so I'm going to tack on that that's allowed, as well.

Hugging/Kissing/Other non-violent physical contact: ......dear god he'll flail. FLAIL, I SAY. Wataru does not do well with physical contact, he doesn't know how to react to it. There will be stuttering. And did I mention flailing?

Maim/Murder/Death: ...uhhhhh l-let's go with no for now. If you want to seriously hurt him (Wataru, not Kiva), I'm going to have a hard time accepting the whys. Kiva, however, is totally up for pain and beatings! This is, of course, assuming I get a Kivat and will be able to henshin into Kiva...

What's Okay To Mention Around Him: Anything! He might not be able to take it, though, so be prepared for extreme responses.

Notes for the Psychics: Wataru, although I might be inferring too much from canon, hears the "music" in people. I take this to mean that everyone has a melody, to him, so there's almost always music of some sort playing in his head. Otherwise, he's a very anxious person and poking into his head will probably swarm you with his worries and insecurities.

Notes for Magic Users: ...I don't know if sentai is magic, but there's a good amount of mysticism in Kiva, and Wataru's rider form is powered by Fangire strength and the arms monsters. So... take that as you will, depending on your canon. If there aren't demons in your canon, you probably won't be terribly pinged by him.

Note on Humanity: I should also note that WATARU IS HALF FANGIRE. What does this mean? Well, when he's transforming into Kiva, his Fangire side is being triggered by Kivat's bite. I'm guessing this is the only time when he'd ping as not a normal human, but that's really up to the player's discretion. Wataru won't talk about his not being fully human even if it's brought up, now that he's involved himself in the world.

Physical traits: 174 cm, ~5'8" and slender. He is always wearing a scarf and long sleeves or a sweatshirt, even in summer, and brightly colored pants. We don't question his fashion sense, it's clearly inherited. No distinguishing marks or tattoos, until Kivat bites him -- then he has stained glass markings along his neck and up the sides of his face.


- As Wataru: Expert violinist, also skilled at bass... would probably be good at any string instrument, actually, if you let him borrow it. Wataru loev music.

- As Kiva: l-lol I'm. Going to have to essay. ANYWAY it doesn't matter right now, as he can't be Kiva without a Kivat. :Db

Secrets: ... Wataru doesn't particularly want anyone to know that he's Kiva. I don't forsee this changing even if I get a Kivat, as Shizuka knows about Kivat but doesn't know that Wataru is Kiva. So that's his sekrit.

If I got any details wrong, please let me know... I have to rely on people's translations for my canon info!

Obligatory App Post

Voting post is here, in with 96%.

Character: Kurenai Wataru
Series: Kamen Rider Kiva
Character Age: ~20

Canon: Do you wake up every morning feeling like your life is missing something? Yearning for the days of your childhood, which seemed so much more fulfilled? Perhaps what's missing is a cracky sentai show, complete with masked fighters and men in rubber suits! Kamen Rider Kiva is, in fact, a lot like Power Rangers, only instead of intergalactic space invaders, Kiva fights the Fangire, a race of monsters that appear human until they feed, draining the life force from their victims like vampires. Ageless and always hungry, the Fangire are a danger to the human race.

The 'ranger' in question is actually a boy named Kurenai Wataru by day and a high-kicking masked rider named Kiva by... well, also by day, but you get the point. Accompanied by his Henshin device, Kivat, and a cast of somewhat-friendly monsters, Wataru faces off against the Fangire on an episodic basis. These monsters, however, often seem
less threatening to poor Wataru than his everyday life. A naive pushover who has trouble saying no to people (he has five newspaper subscriptions), Wataru is shy and awkward, hesitant and anxious. He previously spent most of his days sheltered, locked in his house to make the ideal violin, an endeavor which turns into an obsession to find the proper color for his violin varnish. His life of seclusion, however, ended abruptly when he accidentally fell into the company of a group of Fangire hunters... who are oblivious to his secret identity even when he admits to it! Who would suspect, after all, that a hapless social retard like Wataru is really the fiercest Fangire hunter that ever lived? No, most everyone who meets Wataru just wants to help him grow a spine, so that he can stand on his own in the world. He's getting there, but it's a long road! Will you be next to join the cause?

((Note: Shizuka is Wataru's "keeper," the one most often encouraging him to get out and do things.))

Sample: Violin, check. Cue cards, check. Map, check -- oof!

I'm sorry, Gorilla-san, let me help you up! I wasn't looking where I was going, I'm very sorry. B-but if you could tell me where B Stage is, I'm supposed to be playing a concert for the music camp. This ... is the music camp, isn't it? I didn't see any stages on the map, and I thought I heard someone singing warm-up scales before, but the only thing around was a toucan. Aah, there's an avian choir getting Main Stage today? I see now, that's very impressive! This must be an amazing camp if they teach even the birds to sing, and it must have taken someone a long time to teach them all the words. But ... is a song about your girlfriend's "pudendum" really appropriate for children, Gorilla-san? Not that I'm anyone to judge.

O-ow, my nose! P-please forgive me, Gorilla-san ... I deserved that punch, I was being impertinent. Accept my apologies! I'll be going to B Stage, now.

Is this my audience? Well ... thank you all for coming, I'm very flattered that so many of you came to see me! M-my name is Kurenai Wataru, and uhm. I-I am here to play you a song. My music will warm your hearts, like if you took them ... out and ... put them in a microwave. But don't worry, they won't ... explode. These aren't the cue cards Shizuka wrote for me. Uhm. Anyway, please listen! A-as soon as I tune my violin, please forgive me for not being prepared. I'm sure you would be leaving if you still had your legs, but thank you anyway! Here, let me tell you about the song I'm going to play. It's a classical piece by -- er. Excuse me, Zombie-san. I'm glad music brings out such passion in you, but could you wait until the performance is over? Maybe you spent too much time listening to the toucans. T-thank you. I'm just about ready, please let me know what you think.

Oh no. What happened to my bow? Uhm, no, Zombie-san... the violin is played with a bow, not a spine, so I don't need to borrow yours -- wait! This color, this gloss -- it's just the shade for my violin varnish. I'm trying to make the perfect color, see, and I think these bones will definitely work! Are you going to need it very soon? I'll boil out the color and you can have it right back. But I'm going to need a big pot. There was a soup kitchen on my map, I bet their pots are huge, and --

What was that? It's part of a charity organization? Y-yes, I'll take a brochure. Aah, Zombie-san plays the violin too! I don't know if music is what's missing from the lives of orphans and the homeless, but -- ow! I'm sorry, I was being impertinent again. As for volunteering ... You can refuse, Wataru! Be strong! N-no! I don't really have time to volunteer, uhm ... I'm sorry ...

... yes, Zombie-san. I will subscribe to your newsletter.